Thursday, August 5, 2010


My house is up on a hill, now this isn't any small HILL..... I am talking this is one of the local hills people test drive cars up to test the power of the car they are looking at. It's super steep and really long! Usually I will drive to a parking lot at the bottom of a hill to start our ride, so that I don't have to climb the major hill. However today I CLIMBED the HILL!!!!
I really don't think the pictures do the hill justice!!!!
I never once stopped peddling the WHOLE way up the hill. I was so proud of myself, I really once again wanted to cry at taking on the hill!!! This is the hill that I used to watch people ride up and think WHO IS STUPID ENOUGH TO RIDE UP THIS!!!!!! Now I am one that is AWESOME enough to RIDE UP THAT HILL.
Feeling really proud for peddling 18 and then climbing the hill!!!


Joy said...

Way to go Lindsay, that is an awesome accomplishment!! So fun watching you on your fitness journey. You are amazing!! Hugs!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

That must feel awesome! I can remember the first time I've ridden every one of the hills on my local trail. It's so gratifying. And I know from experience - hills never look as steep in pictures!

Sharon said...

I know I'm in the East, but I've SEEN some of those Utah hills - I know what they look like! Way to go, Lindsay!!

Raegun said...

You have mastered it Lindsay - way to go!!!!
So....what's next? ;)

Allie said...

Way to go! That looks super tough.

kimert said...

Way to go!!

Lisa Eirene said...

Good job on that HILL!

Weight loss is NO FAIRY TALE said...

So by looking at a couple pics on your blog, I'd decided that we had to be pretty close to each other, but little did I know that we're practically next door neighbors. =)

And yes, you're right...that hill is a BEAST! Good for you!!

wendy said...

Good job! Go ahead and cry. I always let myself cry when I accomplish a running goal. ;-)