Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Rock NOT

My plan was to. . . . .
However my husband will be retuning from a business trip the day I would have been leaving for Red Rock, and I have had a long time away from him and I want to spend the time with him! On top of that there is 2 football games, I would have had to miss, and a family reunion!  Needless to say Red Rock is no longer happening for me this year. Honestly I am really sad about this, when I was overweight and people would talk about running a relay I ALWAYS wanted to do, and knew I wasn't in a position to do it. Now I am physically able to do and and not able to participate. There will always be another relay though!!!
The Red Rock Group that WAS.......
We ran 3 miles at 12 am!!! So fun to run that late, we even had a police officer wondering what we were bad we didn't have toilet paper.....that would have been awesome to see 12 Moms toilet papering :)
6 am run!!!  Not feeling it so much, that was super early and I was sore from riding the rock!!!
However the super beautiful sunrise made getting up and running that early well worth it :)
The phone call that I was no longer running came before the 2pm run in this NASTY weather so knowing I was no longer running Red Rock I opted out of this round of the training run!

I am super sad to leave my AWESOME team of friends and not be running with them this year however there will always be another relay and I am sure I can twist the arms of these lucky girls to run it with me again :)


Megan said...

Bummer. But at least you get to hang with the hubs.

Lisa B said...

Boo!!! Just bring him with you.

Just kidding. I understand. I'm not happy about it, but I understand. :)