Sunday, August 8, 2010

Texting @ 5 am and 40 through 6 cities!!!

I read this text back later post ride and couldn't help but laugh that it's 5 am and a group of women are totally bummed that the weather is messing with OUR ride plans! 
5:18 am- Julie Lightening and cycling bad mix.....waddayathink?
5:19 am- Lindsay Oh...It's lightening ya not safe DANGEROUS, plus if we get rain even worse. Let's go later?
5:20 am- Julie Yup I'm not into being fried. Lets see what happens little later.
5:21 am- Lindsay Good call just saw it don't wanna die. Keep in touch for later!

 It is amazing how weather plays a HUGE part into cycling! What is even more amazing to me is that at 5am I have cycling on my mind.....:)
Now on to my first 40!!!!

We finally headed out about 8:30 am we had a PERFECT cloud coverage pretty much the whole ride! We rode in 6 CITIES. How cool is that??? My Garmin died about 5 minute into the ride!!!! ANNOYING, I found I kept looking at it even though it was totally DEAD. Note to self charge more often :)
 Drank a TON of water!!!
Jumped on a super cool lil trail somewhere along the way..... didn't know it even existed :)
Stopped at the gas station along the way for more water and a potty break..... Learned a new tip when Julie pulled out money from her saddle bag! She always rides with a few dollars in there for a lil treat/ energy at the gas station! Now to remember to put a few dollars into mine:)
We had major head wind on part of the way back. NOT so fun, I am sure we enjoyed the wind helping us on our way out though. I kept telling the girls that this is just wrong that this is considered exercise. We chatted the whole time, had a snack break and were enjoying being outside all while burning a whopping 2000 calories!!!!! This is my kind of work out :) 40 miles will soon become many more as I have an announcement coming this week......That I want YOU locals  to all be a part of :)


Carly said...

Great job!!!

Raegun said...

Congrats on a great ride!

The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on an awesome ride and your first 40! Whoo hoo!

Tracey from Central Coast Seachange said...

Lindsay...I'm going out today to look at bikes with my husband and you have been my inspiration.

Thanks so much!!!