Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shopping For Running Shoes

Today I went out on the hunt for new running shoes! If I'm going to be well prepared to be a runner then I better have the right tools! Yes I did have a good pair of running shoes, however they were a year old and the cushioning in them was SHOT!!!

So I headed to the local running shoe store to find me a new pair of running shoes and to be analyzed :) I learned a lot. Basically to make a VERY long story short my foot need to be in a stability shoe I slightly overpronate.

Meaning: An individual whose bone structure involves external rotation at the hip, knee, or ankle will be more likely to overpronate than one whose bone structure has internal rotation or central alignment.
An individual who overpronates tends to wear down their running shoes on the medial (inside) side of the shoe towards the toe area. When choosing a running or walking shoe, a person with overpronation can choose shoes that have good inside support -- usually by strong material at the inside sole and arch of the shoe.

So I had a shoe all picked out I had picked out the Asics 1150 $85.00 and was set on getting them! I just wanted to search the web for the best deal. In the mean time I thought I would do little more research and found that the last years model 1140 $59.00 was supposedly just the same as the 1150 so I thought I could score a deal! WRONG after having them both on the 1140 was not nearly as comfortable. I was back to square one with the 1150.

 However while researching I found that the Asics 2150 was the step up and was $100.00. I should have NEVER EVER tried these on they were HEAVEN!!! On one foot I had the 1150 and the other the 2150 the 2150 was so awesome it made the 1150 feel not so good!!! They guy at the local running shop gave me a deal since I was a new "RUNNER". The Asics 2150 for only $85.00 SCORE!!! What I learned from this is that DO NOT try on the step up you will be hooked and end up spending more money.

Here are my brand new running shoes!!!
 Asics 2150 Silver/Paradise Pink/Lemon
My Darling Grandma who has been one of my biggest supporters bought me these. So here's a little shout out to her!!!
Thanks for all your love and support :)

As for today my daily caloric intake was 1209. My workout burned elliptical 233 and my circuit training was 253 so a total calorie burn of 486. 


Tricia said...

Yippeee for new shoes! Good running shoes are the absolutely MOST important part of running.

I had been fitted wrong at the running store and ended up running in the wrong ones for FOREVER (I overpronate and it wasnt corrected) and my doctor believes it helped lead to the stress fracture in my ankle.

Great job on the workout and thank you so much for the support!

Kim said...

Awesome! I started out in Asics, too. I'm in New Balance now, but that's because my feet are crazy-wide. Keep your eye out online for the shoe to be discontinued and get another pair when they are. Then, you will be able to get a good deal!

MCM Mama said...

You won't regret it. As you add more and more miles, good shoes will be worth every penny. Keep an eye out online though. You can usually find great deals. I always buy my first pair of a shoe at my running store and then a pair or two online. Then when they change the next year, I do the same thing again. Good luck.

Lisa said...

Hey Lindsay, thanks for stopping by my blog. Congrats on your weight loss so far and for your decision to run a half. I'll be following your progres as my first half is in October.

Yay for new running shoes. I have Asics too. It's worth it to spend $$$ on the shoes because the more inexpensive ones lead to problems.

Good lucj with your training! I'm your newest follower :)

from5ktomarathon said...

Yea for new running shoes! I'm also an asics lover and they are so worth every penny :)


kelsalynn said...

OMG! The 2150's are the same shoes I wore when I was training for races. I love them indeed! I think I found mine online for $59 after I bought my first pair. Once you find the right shoe, chances are you'll keep buying them!