Friday, June 25, 2010

Fix a Flat. . . . .

Something I hope I never have to do. 
Something I better be prepared to do!!!
 All of these nifty little tools go into a saddle bag. 

What is a saddle bag? 
 It is a little bag that sits on your saddle. It houses your fix a flat tools!
 What is a saddle?
A saddle is also know as a bike seat! 
I didn't know this for a long time, I had heard people talk about a saddle and wondered what it was.

Now on to fixing a flat!!!
This shows you step by step instructions on how to fix a flat, with pictures and AWESOME instructions.

Tell me about fixing your flat?
Tell me how often you get a flat?

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Dree said...

Love the idea of a saddle bag! I once got a gel seat for my "saddle", that's how I figured out the term. Haha!

teacherwoman said...

In the two years I have rode, I haven't had to fix a flat yet. KNOCK ON WOOD. But, then again I haven't been out on my bike as much as I would like. I don't like riding by myself. Thus, when I ride with a group and others get a flat, I will be the first one to stop and help/watch so I can learn ... over and over again!

OrangeBlossom said...

What if you had two flat tires?

Uriona Family said...

I love all your vocab and pics. I have actually learned some things.

Dane always calls his grease marks a chain bite instead of a tat.

Raegun said...

Oh boy - I've had to fix plenty o' flats back in my mountain biking days. Its amazing what rocks and stumps can do when you're screaming down a hill at 30 mph, LOL. What a great tutorial!

Kyle Gershman said...

Not to scare you, but in two different bike tours in NorCal a few years ago, I had a total of 6 flat tires (2 one year and 4 the next). So, I'm a bit of an expert at doing it by now.

I too had Co2, but learned that you can't always rely on it and that you should always carry a pump as well.

I used up all my Co2 on one ride because the tire bead wouldn't seat and needed the support vehicle to take me back to a rest area with a bike mechanic. Even he had some trouble getting the tire back on properly, but finally did it.

I haven't done it with my newer bike (actually several years old by now), but I'd certainly consider investing in kevlar tires. My last/stolen bike had them and I rarely had a flat tire.

TRI TO BE FUNNY-Carrie Barrett said...

You will get a flat at some point and the best thing to do is just remain calm and take your time changing the tube. If you rush through the changing process, you can actually damage or puncture your spare tube! Not Cool!!

The other option is to wait helplessly by the side of the rode until a nice person stops to help :-)

Stay safe on the roads!

Kim said...

I've got to learn how to fix a flat! I have all of the tools, but none of the skill! Eeek!

Donna said...

I've had about 8 flats this season so far!!! Three in one 40 mile ride alone. Come to find out it was a probelm with the rim tape and so I got that fixed pronto. The group I ride with did a demo on how to fix a flat and that helped tremendously. After that I just practiced changing my tire, just to be sure I knew how to do it. The people I ride with are amazed at how fast I can change a tire and without even breaking a nail!

Lindsay @ said...

Since I'm not a cyclist I have no idea how to fix a flat, but I do know from my friends' experiences it is key information to have!

Amanda said...

I have a flat right now (and I never ride my bike!). I have to get to the store to buy a new tire. I'm just "bike clueless"!

Hey, so when a person says they have saddlebags b/c they are chunky, that must be why that's called that too (the fat on your legs/butt area). lol

You are making me jealous with this bike stuff!!

Julie said...

Well look at you . . . now you can fix mine when I get one!

Julie said...

Wow, look who has purchased a bike!! You are going to love it:)

SG said...

i neeeed to know how to do that!!

Skye said...

Well, talk about being prepared! ( : Call me ole school, but I refuse to learn. That's what I have a hubby for! lol

Dan O said...

Great blog you have going here - nice job. Cool to see you've been bitten by the cycling bug. A few tips:

The saddle Bag actually goes under the saddle. The strap goes though the seat rails, so it hangs under the saddle.

CO2 cartridges work great, but if you make a mistake with them, will leave you stranded. Carry a mini pump as well (or have someone else in the group have one).

Practice fixing a flat at home first. Doing it on the road for the first time may not be too fun. Any experienced cyclist will show you how - it's pretty easy.

I carry a few baby wipes in plastic sandwich bag with me also. You'll be looking for something to clean your hands after fixing a flat. The wipes clean the dirt and grease right off.

Great too see you riding. Have fun!

jenn said...

I just ride my bike to work every day, no road races, but I haven't gotten a flat yet!

But, it's a good idea to know how to fix it!

KatiPet said...

I'm glad you posted about this. I have wanted to take up biking for awhile (in hopes to do a tri one day). The one thing that is holding me back is getting a flat! It makes me so nervous!