Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some Days are Better Then Others

“It's when things get rough and you don't quit that success comes.” -Unknown

Today it is cold and windy here. I knew I had to go out and run. I had tried to make a few excuses to put it off until later, however you gotta take advantage of the time the kids are ALL in school.

When I looked out my window and the sky looked like this. . .
I was even less thrilled to be heading out into the cold nasty weather to run.
I conquered the war inside me not wanting to go!!!
 Do I look like I am having fun????
My hands were freezing and my mind wanted me to quit.
I powered through it though! 
Don't I look happy???
Today I ran 2.7 miles in 35.48

Now that I am home in my warm house looking back on my run. I am enjoying the "small victory" of powering though and accomplishing my workout for the day!

When have you powered though?
How does it make you feel after?


Ashley said...

Great Job!..I spent all winter doing long runs (7+) miles in 15 degree weather to train for my half marathon. You have to remember that each day will add up in the long run!

Tricia said...

great job!


Awesome job getting out there. On the days I don't feel like running, I try to think of how I will feel after. I never feel worse after a run!

I got the gift card today! Thanks!

Teale said...

Good for you! When I used to run on the elliptical at the gym, I had to power through each and every time! It always felt so good though when after a few minutes I felt like dying & giving up, and then 20-30 minutes later I was still trucking!

LauraLynne said...

It's the first mile that I hate the most. I mean more than root canals and pelvic exams.

It's the feeling of pushing through the hate that keeps me going.

And the idea that someday, maybe, I'll enjoy it more.

Or not. :P

FrugalMom said...

Great job for pushing yourself, and congratulations on your fantastic weight loss.

I walked two miles in 95 degrees today when picking up my son, and I sure had to push myself. I had the umbrella in one hand (to shade from the sun), pushed the stroller with the other hand, and at the same time I had to make sure we did not get run over in the crazy South Florida traffic.

I sure am glad I am home again:)

The Fit & Frugal Challenge

99ToGo said...

Getting workouts in hasn't been too much of a struggle lately. I just go to the class at the scheduled time, and don't really think about it much before-hand. The thing that I powered through recently however, was the strongest craving for a junk-food binge. Last night was rough, and I was almost beaten by the urge, but, like your cold-weather run, I powered through (with God's help!) and I hit a new low on the scale this morning, instead of a disappointing gain! By the way, it was almost 90 here today...I'd take a bit of your chilly weather right about now :)

Summer said...


Becca said...

~lol~ I'm new to your blog, LOVING the pictures of you. Too funny. Noticed you've lost 100lbs - great job!!!!

Sylvia said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. :)

You are an inspiration!! Over 100 pounds?? Wow!

Keep up the good work with your training. I never want to go do my C25K session but am always glad that I went when I'm done.

KatDoesDiets said...

I am off to power through right now! Thanks for the inspiration. I don't really feel like working out, but I KNOW I'll feel better after.

teacherwoman said...

It's such a mental game at times, isn't it? I struggled through my 3.1 mile run yesterday but had a great bike/run this afternoon! way to get out there and conquer, girl!

kelerific said...

Thanks for the comment over on my blog!

Wow--100 lbs?!!! I am truly inspired! I love following along with people who have actually done it.

Can't wait to read your past posts!

meleemistress said...

One woman I know says "The times when you don't want to exercise are the times when you need it the most." So true.

Good job on the run!

Shelby said...

I always hate the idea of working out, especially in lovely Utah weather haha but once I've finished I feel GREAT and I know I've accomplished something! You did great! Good will power!

Joy said...

Hey Lindsay, Way to go ~ powering through the hard stuff!! I can tell you exactly how it feels if you don't power through. I did my morning treadmill, but did not feel very well this afternoon and did not make it to the gym. I have a tiny cold. Boo hoo for me!! Anyway, I really feel bad and mad at myself for not powering through and getting it done. I WILL tackle it tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me that I should not put the important stuff off!! Just do it!! Hugs!

Skye said...

Way to go Lindsay! I know exactly how you were feeling after your run.

You see, today, I had a nagging headache all day. I put off my walk until the last minute hoping it would go away.

Unfortunately, it didn't. But I went for my walk anyways! And you know what!?! I felt 100% better afterwords and my headache was gone!!!

I wish I would have known the outcome before hand because I surely would have taken that walk much sooner! lol

Keep up the great job!

Julie said...

Way to tough it up and get it done! I have those runs that bite the big one too...I always feel so much better when I am done:) Cute pictures! Have a great weekend!

Certifiably Fit said...

Love the pictures!

Happened to wonder over here from another blog where I saw your weight loss story interview and thought I would check things out. Like what I see so now I'm following you. Look forward to reading your blog in the future.

If you get a chance swing by my blog and say hello.

Corletta said...

Let's talk about how stinkin cute you are!!! By the way...we are, I think, in the exact same place. I was trying to figure out your current weight, but couldn't. I am not sure what my goal is. I think 145 or 150. I figured that I would know when I got there!!!!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Way to get out there. I power through way too often. I think that comes with doing most of my runs at the end of the day. I am always glad I did it though and love the runner's high I get!

Smasher Girl said...

it's funny to hear you say that it's hard for you to get out there and run. in my brain i keep thinking that once i accomplish my goal and have lost as much weight as you have that it will all be smooth sailing. i tell myself if i COULD run right now i'd be doing it all the time. it's a good reminder that this is something that i will have to keep up with for the rest of my life. there really is no finish line. but it's so worth it!