Friday, April 30, 2010

Biggest Supporter, My Husband

Today my appreciation goes to my AWESOME Husband!!!
He has supported me and continues to support me through my whole weight loss/running journey!!!
Loved me thick and thin, and never judged me. He is simply the best!!!
 I am sure he's unaware at this time how long those Saturday runs will be! I know I won't need to worry though. He seriously is my biggest supporter. I know I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have, or what I will accomplish without his awesome love and support.  So thanks Babe I "appreciate" you!

Who is your biggest supporter?

Today was a REST day for me! 
It was much needed and tonight I feel all rested . I am already excited to get out tomorrow and run 3.5!!!! 

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Judi said...

What a great husband you have! I too have to say my husband is my greatest supporter! He never is bothered by my desire to get out and run. He encourages me every step of the way. When I was training for my first marathon he would drive with the kids and cheer me along my route and then be at the end of our lane when I was finished.

It was their faces I looked for and truly I run for them too. Because running makes me a better wife and mother.

Have a fun Saturday run!

Sarah said...

Thanks for commenting :) My biggest supporter would be my Mom or Boyfriend, they are the best! You'll do great on your half marathon...they are really addicting!

Have a great weekend!

Anne said...

Yay for supportive husbands! Mine is also my greatest supporter and partner, as he runs with me. We are doing the half-marathon together in May!!

Lisa B said...

Love your blog! Thanks for sending me the link. My husband is my biggest supporter as well. Hmmm . . . there's a trend starting here. :) You look fantastic, BTW.

Julie said...

I love your hubby too! :) Husbands that support & love us through it all are the BEST!

Lisa said...

Husbands are the best! I love mine! He is my #1 supporter!

Julie said...

Hi Lindsay,
Your husband sounds like a keeper:) You two are such a cute couple! My hubby is pretty supportive too...he does not make it to every race but I know that he proud of me when I have success! I call my hubby Babe too:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Teale said...

You remind me a lot of another blogger I read named Krissie (questionsfordessert is her blog). She's lost I think 60 pounds & has become a runner as well! She recently ran her first half marathon & I believe she's training for a whole one later this year! You shoudl check her out!