Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Long Run

Saturday was my 1st long run....long being a whopping 2.5 miles! However I am in Utah this week visiting family. So my run was on my old stomping grounds! Which also happens to be MUCH higher elevation. It was fine though the first half wasn't my favorite...the second half was much better. I was pretty sure I was GOING to die when I was done I was wheezing and panting. I survived it and had my headphones nice and loud so that I couldn't hear myself TRYING to breathe. My pace was almost 3 minutes faster. So it is true that I am getting a little bit faster :)

My tip of the day is-
Run with headphones nice and loud so you don't hear yourself ALMOST dying :)

I am excited for this week, lots more time playing with family seeing old friends and a few more training runs this week!

Make this a great week :)


LaShaune said...

I am so glad to see you're back to blogging (and running). I tried naked running for a hot minute. It sucked for me. I found my pace was slower than usual. Now, I'm back to full immersed (well 1 headphone while on the road) headphone bliss.

I continue to share your quinoa black bean salsa recipe with everyone I know.

Liz said...

Yay for running!

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